• Capabilities of our Technology in real time

    Soon! Start of demonstration of the capabilities of our technology in real time!
    All interested persons and organizations have to submit a request to us before July, 15 2014 for gaining access to online monitoring of our technology in the period from July, 28 2014 to August, 30 2014

    The active phase will be conducted from 28.07.2014 till 30.08.2014

    Please, contact us for further information

  • Our services in climate change

    Our company is ready to offer you following services:

    - Changing maximum and average temperature in a given territory.

    - Increase in natural water resources and precipitations

    - The creation and filling of reservoirs.

    - Decrease in the amount of dust storms.

    - Decrease in the intensity of dust storms.

    - Elimination of factors generating dust storms.

    - Changing in average levels of precipitation in a given area.

    - Rise of groundwater level.

    - Reduction of groundwater salinity.

    Please, contact our representative in UAE for additional information

  • Placing Regional Climate Centres

    Attention! To announce that applications for participation in the competition for the right to organize Regional Climate Centre in the territories of the member ends 09/01/2014.
    We look forward to our joint success! For the benefit of the World!

Statement of the Company

We present the exclusive commercial project of the leading developer of the super high-end technologies, that is ahead all of the possible competitors for 30-50 years. Commercial project is provided by us as a product, demonstrating the capacity of the long-term cooperation in the field of development of new technologies. Technologies that have no analogues in the present and in the near future.

Special attention!

Company "Climate Global Control Trading" has no regional offices and authorized dealers and partners with the right to sign contracts on behalf of the Company.
Be careful cases of fraud, when individuals and organizations are trying to give themselves as representatives of our company. Today prevented all attempts by the police.
Thank you to all the police and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Opinions about our technology

  • Gaston Strong, Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg in Russia:

    "This is the best business that I've ever heard!"


  • Gabdrakhmanov I.S.,Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Food of the Republic of Tatarstan:

    "The Ministry of Agriculture and Food of the Republic of Tatarstan support your proposal for the implementation and application of innovative climate control in the republic"


  • Alberto Brugnoni (ASSAIF):

    "Global World project! Technology gives the world stability."


  • Kozak D.N., Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation:

    "This technology deserves special attention!"


  • H.R.H. Prince Turki bin Talal bin Abdul Aziz

    Prince of Saudi Arabia was personally handed over the material on the company's technology, provided the basic concept of the program and obtained an interest in the implementation of the meeting for a detailed discussion of the proposal. Prince requested its secretariat to study in detail the company's offerings.

  • Dr. Tariq H.Cheema:
    "The material on the results of your work to be considered within the framework of the UN humanitarian projects."
    In a personal meeting had received a proposal on the possibility of the implementation of activities related to the developed technology to manage climate in the country by the example of Somalia, in the following order: Company developer "Climate Global Control Trading" means to use their technology in order to increase the amount of precipitation on the territory of Somalia, thereby providing necessary humanitarian assistance to that country.

Disclosure of information and materials about the technology

The head of the Company has decided to provide information about the work and materials this technology to all interested parties of the partner countries.

During consultations with officials and authorized representatives will be approved building program "Regional Climate Center" until 2018.

Weather and climate change.

Present global challenges to the sustainable development of mankind, including environmental, climatic, demographic problems and food safety issues, as well as depletion of natural resources, terrorism, new diseases and other threats, generate a broad demand for technological innovation.

What are the global challenges that require immediate cooperation between the scientific community, business and governments around the world? Can innovation be the solution to global problems? How can we encourage innovation in areas where competition and commercial gain do not play a role, for instance, to ensure conservation of biodiversity and safe drinking water resources, remediation of soil and recovery of natural resource potential?

Alan AtKisson Founder, President, AtKisson Group; Co-president, The Balaton Group

Global changes of lead not only to melting glaciers and raising ocean levels, desertification and the anomalous thermal phenomena. Mankind ends fresh water - the foundation of life. Today, at the beginning of the 21st century, according to the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), from a lack of drinking water in the world die every day for about four thousand children, 2.8 billion people live in conditions of constant lack of it. And this problem does not solve any massive construction of desalination plants, or artesian wells, traveling to the next diminishing groundwater.

Now, you can learn all about weather and climate change - all weather conditions. That is rain, winds, temperature fluctuations.

Is this possible? Today, only the "Climate Global Control Trading" provides a clear, positive response! And the fact that the vast majority of people still consider science fiction or the prerogative of the higher powers, could become the technological foundation of life tomorrow.

Humanity is on the verge of a revolutionary breakthrough in their ability to influence the nature. Perhaps, in this our only real chance of survival. And the arithmetic is quite simple. After drying, it is - less than a third of the planet. And if the rain, which was destined to spill over the ocean, waiting for our efforts to saturate the ground, will prevent any environmental disaster. Millions and millions of people will be able to radically improve their quality of life, and the overall stability of the system of "global climate" does not suffer. This same technology can balance the fluctuations in temperature, to prevent storms and hurricanes. We'll save the lives of people and animals, historical and cultural monuments, the very material basis of our civilization.